Black money will continue even after demonetization from next year

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    To Prime Minister of India,

    After demonetization black money will continue, some people will try to hide new currency notes , it will increase black money problem in future.

    After december 30 2016, if some one hides new currency notes what is your action plan? Again it will create black money problem?

    After december 30 2016, I am sure bank deposit will reduce, bribery and black money is going to increase and it will continue for ever. Do you block new currency notes again and again for how many times?

    Since you are not able to get black money from Swiss accounts and you are not able to fight against corruption like 2G scam , coal scam, granite scam, Jayalalitha DA case, you are troubling low level people who saved little money in their pocket for their daily use

    I think demonetization will create problem more and more as you are not able to fight with mega corruption and asking low level merchants, public to get suffer more and more as they are not able to file case against governments right?

    What will happen if Income tax department employees get bribery to do illegal things?

    How and when Bribery will be resolved in India.

    Unless People change themselves we cannot resolve corruption in India, Do not trouble common innocent public for these things

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