BlackMoney problem in India starts from Elections

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    Black Money problem in India starts from Elections. Strict rules needs to be formed to avoid corruption in Election commission offices in India  # #ElectionCommission

    Strong rule needs to be framed to eliminate vote for Money process during central and state elections.

    Election process in India needs to be improved a lot to avoid Black Money and corruption

    If Leader of state or country is perfect then it will turn entire country as perfect and it will resolve Black Money problem.

    Demonetization is not needed and make low level people suffer is also not needed if election process is good in country.

    Indian election process is bad and it is spoling the entire country leading to lot of illegal activities and Black Money origins from here

    Election in most of states were corrupted.All illegal problems starts here electing some corrupted leader in most of states

    Corruption in India starts from Election, election commision offices needs to be raided by Income tax department

    raid should be in Commission of India offices as and starts from here

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