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    Dear Prime Minister of India,

    I would like to complaint about demonetization process of your government and i cannot tolerate all these nonsense things which are currently affecting low level and middle level people in India

    1. Due to your demonetization process, all bank ATMs are shut down for 25 days, we were not able to get cash?. How low level people/uneducated people will use digital transactions. You announced demonetization suddenly on one day night. Low level public are impaced so much due to this.

    2. Bribery in indian government offices are still in progress? How demonetization will reduce Bribery in india. Government officers will use new currency notes for their bribery. I have also raised complaint on Bribery in india and there is no reply from you.

    3. After december 30 2016, if some one hides new currency notes what is your action plan? Again it will create black money problem?

    4. After december 30 2016, I am sure bank deposit will reduce, bribery and black money is going to increase and it will continue for ever. Do you block new currency notes again and again for how many times?

    5. Is this way to help Indian people to make them more suffer again and again…why we elected you as prime minister to trouble the low level public?

    6. Since you are not able to get black money from Swiss accounts and you are not able to fight against corruption like 2G scam , coal scam, granite scam, Jayalalitha DA case, you are troubling low level people who saved little money in their pocket for their daily use

    7. I think demonetization will create problem more and more as you are not able to fight with mega corruption and asking low level merchants, public to get suffer more and more as they are not able to file case against governments right?

    8. Why can’t make all shops use cards mandatory for transaction above Rs.1000 that will avoid low level transactions and low level people problem instead of banning some stupid currency notes

    9. Shutting down ATMs for more than 1 monthg and no public transport, is this a way to manage India from your office to trouble people in India?

    10. I.T department will ask for bribery for sure to trouble low level public again which is going to cause more problems in future.

    11. We do not have public transport during peak time between 8.00 am to 9.15am from Keeranatham to Coimbatore central bus stand every time we need to walk around 5kms to reach main road. All the buses are coming after 9.15am until 10.00am with in 5 minutes of interval and usually they are going as empty as they are operated in non-peak time. During peak time there is no bus at all. No one cares from city transport department.

    12. Overall your demonetization is going to increase corruption and bribery in India (especially in I.Tax department employees). We need to feel shame on ourselves to elect some incapable Prime Minister of india to trouble public and showing way to opposition parties to increase corruption, escape from large corruption, trouble low level people in india and to increase bribery in government offices

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