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    Dear Sir, i have bought land and paid 95% amount for my house to ***structure (**** Keeranatham Road ) but builders are not completing work, it is almost one year. 95% of work is complete before 4 months, front door and front gate and electric work are not complete for last 4 months. Builders promised to complete it by April 2015 but till now Front door , front gate work is pending , they are also allowing street dogs inside new house even though we asked them many time to keep it clean not to allow street dogs. Another problem which i would like to mention is land registration was done for 8 lakhs but we paid around 17 lakhs for land, during registration they informed us 8 lakhs needs to be in demand draft and remaining in cash , i am sure there is some fraud happened as they asked us to pay extra money in cash. I suspect land registrar from p***alayam was also involved in fraud along with local Councillor of keeranatham area and along with the help of local law and order departments. I am sure same process is followed for all buildings built inside the ****structure with lot of black money processed as land is registered for half of price which is collected from customers, remaining amount of money goes to builders directly apart from building cost. Now my new house without front door and front gate is pending for last 4 months every time i am getting some different reasons from builders and most of time i am not able to reach builders personally. There is no proper road, no proper electrical lines, and no water tank inside the gated community but i am not sure how approval was given without basic needs for customers inside gated community. Please take necessary action on this problem. It is a real estate fraud happening in Coimbatore with the help of some officials.

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    I have reported this problem to prime minister cell of India  and pgportal (public grievance portal india) but no action taken, most of complaints to prime minister cell were un-attended and closed without resolution

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    Public grievance petition numbers PMOPG/E/2015/00***42 and GOVTN/E/2015/0***1 case is closed with out resolving the problem. The case is related to p****yak**palayam – related to land registration. I am totally upset Tamil nadu police department closed this PMOPG/E/2015/00***42 without resolving/answering my question. 7 Lakhs amount black money is involved in land registration.


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