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    Lot of illegal activities with S ave land owners and in builders problems in coimbatore,

    I have had very bad experience with s-a builders. Both builders and land owners are trying to cheat customers with false messages. No buildings are complete fully and they are trying to handover without completing full work by getting full amount of money. No drainage facility, no common utilities like good roads… Legal action needs to be taken against s-a land owners and builders for cheating customers by providing false messages.

    There is also dispute between S-a land owners and S structure builders in  Coimbatore

    S-a  are not able to pay salary for employees who worked for house construction.

    Both land owners and builders are trying to cheat employees and customers by getting full amount of money from customers.

    Please check with residents/previous customers who had very bad experience  about these builders and finally customers spent extra money in completing building work

    Please beware of these problems


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