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    TNEB online payment website is not working mostly in third week of every month https://www.tnebnet.org/awp/login
    It is happening mostly during third week of month which is causing customers not to pay bills at right time.
    If TNEB online payment server is down you need to extend bill due date accordingly like if it is down for one day Tamil Nadu Electricity board need to extend bill date for another 1 day
    It is not happening, customers needs to pay overdue amount eventhough problem is related to TNEB online payment website was down
    why customer need to pay excess amount when there is problem with TNEB side, It is a illegal, TNEB needs to have some backup server
    TNEB websites are looking absolutely some kind of crap things which is not compatible for recent operating system. It needs to be improved a lot and do not cheat customers by collecting overdue and by making server down while making bill payment. It is a illegal and it is a shame on TNEB department for doing these kind of silly things to customers to collect overdue amount like cheaters/fraud people.,
    I have raised TNEB complaint 21538426042016  on regarding this.

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