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    Respected sir, There is suspicious cybercrime activity happening in G***ipalayam,Tamil Nadu and BSNL network is hacked by someone within erode district (I suspect it was done by some lecturers and their relatives who are experienced in computer). It is also associated with power cut timings in G**tipalayam. I suspect all these activities are carried out by involving BSNL employee,with support of some government officials. I am afraid whether some one who is very close G***ipalayam police officials are involved in these activities. Due to this reason I am sending this email to your email id without informing to G***ipalayam police station. Please keep this as secret and some high level cybercrime officials needs to be involved to investigate further as huge gang from Chennai to G***palayam involved in these activities. I am totally disturbed and I have fall in sick already due to this incident and even I am not to do my office work also. It is totally disturbing me for last 5 months and I am afraid some people who are very close and with the support of some government officials from local police and telecommunication departments are involved in these bad cybercrime activies. If possible please send someone (with casual dress) from your department or from cybercrime department to my place, I will explain it more or please call me to my number as early as possible. I have also noted down some suspected ip address. I have also raised BSNL complaint 17865665954 regarding hacking activities but they were not able to track this.

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