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    A Hindu temple was built in a hurry in a residential complex in coimbatore (S*A*ue) between residential area replacing park area. Main area of temple is located behind another house which is very near toilet of another house. It is also insult to Hindu temple built in inappropriate place. Some group of people from this residential complex built this temple replacing public park area without asking permission from everyone in S*A*ue residential complex. I am also resident, they did not ask my permission also. Building temple in between house behind house will create problems to both temple and house. Temples needs to be built in appropriate area which can attract outside crowds leads to security, parking space and other public problems like public toilets, public washing area….This temple was built in a hurry i am not sure how land was acquired, proper approval from TN government within short period of time. I am not sure how money was spent legally to build this temple. I think for benefit of small group of people they are spoiling residential environment by building temples in between house/behind house bedrooms, toilets. It is also insult to both hindu religion and culture. This temple needs to be moved to front side of S*A*ue near front gates which has lot of space available for commercial areas. If we build temple to support some political parties in TN then definitely and to get illegal money, then GOD will punish them for sure for disturbing residences. Last week they used very big loud speakers which disturbed entire residential complex. So temple needs to be built in appropriate area, so that people visits temple can get calmness. It should not be build to disturb residential area and near by house.

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    I have reported this problem to prime minister cell of India  and pgportal (public grievance portal india) but no action taken, most of complaints to prime minister cell were un-attended and closed without resolution


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