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Dec 4th 2016 Deep depression will move north in Bay of Bengal towards Andhra

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    The deep depression , tropical storm which is set to start on December 4th 2016 in Bay of Bengal (south of Bay of Bengal) will impact Andhra/Orissa states on Dec 07th and Dec 09th 2016

    This tropical deep depression is expected to start on Dec 4th 2016 and will move south northwards, it will not land in Tamil Nadu, it will move northwards upward towards Andhra Pradesh or Orissa states by Dec 07th and Dec 09th 2016. It will not impact southern India but there are some chances it will come close towards Northern Tamil Nadu and Sourthern Andra Pradesh and it will move northwards towards North Andhra Pradesh/Orissa

    Nada cyclone weakens now and now it is only showering and it got weakened before arriving to Tamil Nadu

    Tamil Nadu weather department are not able to track and predict forecast for small and tiny tropical storm rather than they are giving false alert to education department to close schools and colleges unnecessarily.

    Tamil Nadu weather department do have user friendly website with modern technology and I am not sure why Government is spending so much money on Tamil Nadu weather department employees. Nada cyclone prediction by Tamil Nadu weather department proved they are not capable of doing accurate prediction and creating false alerts to media and to education department to close schools and colleges in India.

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